What is an SEO campaign?

An SEO campaign is the science or combined effort to run a successful website with top SEO Google ranking. Digital media is progressing day by day. This competitive environment allows you to survive only if you are well aware of all components of this long-term project. The main features of a successful SEO campaign are finding a topic, targeting the keyword, creating a robust content idea, optimizing the results, and bringing new changes. check it for all updates.

Components of an SEO campaign

The three essential elements are

  • Content
  • On-page SEO
  • OFF-page SEO

Process of the SEO campaign

Selection of topic

First of all, make an audit for an SEO campaign, check different sites about this. Learn how to launch a website correctly, learn about the latest techniques, and other necessary factors. The first thing that comes to mind is selecting a suitable topic and finding a keyword related to this. A topic is the central idea of your entire content, while a keyword is a specific term related to your topic. You can say that keyword is dependent on your topic. It will come next to the topic. For example, mobile phone is a topic, and best camera phone, how to use a mobile phone, or how can I buy mobile phone are all keywords. The topic research will give you a clear idea of your chosen topic and other things like the type of content needed for Google ranking, what people are looking for, or the market value of the topic. When you have a fair idea, you will spend less time on other processes.

On-page SEO

It allows you to optimize the website’s pages and content. It will rank you higher if you do it with an outstanding SEO campaign. The includes multiple steps starting from the topic to the audit of results.

Choosing the right, targeted keywords

Finding the right keyword is an essential requirement of the digital industry. One must have a fair idea about the audience’s attitude, search history, and interest. First, plan a concept of your SEO campaign and then see what your audience is looking for? What are they searching for, or what words are they using to express their needs? It will tell you about the keywords you must use in your SEO Campaign content.

The most straightforward process of finding the right keyword for an SEO campaign needs only a few minutes. Just go to Google, type keywords that you find matched to your topic. Here you will find multiple websites for this keyword. Now check the top five or your favorite websites with any keyword research tool; from this, select the desired keywords.


We start from scratches assuming that you are a newbie to the digital industry. You want to create a new SEO campaign for finding keywords for your topic. Your search for ‘weight loss foods’ will tell you everything. Go to Google and type the exact phrase ‘weight loss foods.’ Google will show multiple websites for this. Open one non-branded webpage in a new tab and read it carefully. Note the type and length of content. We suppose it is a website of ‘Healthline.’ The post will cover all related data easily. Now go for any available keyword research tool. Look at your ease and go for it. Place the URL of the chosen website to the Keyword research tool and check the related keywords. These keywords are the basis of the website on Google ranking. Go for SEMRUSH, SurferSEO (Extension), AhrefsSEMrush, Google keyword planner, etc., check the most popular keywords for the particular page that helps rank this page on the top. Repeat this process for three other websites on the same topic and collect the keywords.

How to use Google planner:

How to use SEMRUSH: https://www.semrush.com/sem/

After proper research, you will find the popular search term for a particular topic, the most popular websites, and all detailed keywords for a specific topic. Choose the keywords that are less competitive, customer-friendly, and high rated.

Less competitive long-tail keywords

Less competitive long-tail keywords

The king-size digital industry will be very competitive if you do not have a fair idea of your audience. It would be best if you were a big fish in a small pond. It is easily explainable with the examples. Suppose you are running a mobile business and want to create its website. If you add ‘latest or top mobiles of the year’ or add touch phones, Google will rank iPhone, Samsung, or Oppo at the top. You will find yourself hidden among the kings of mobile companies. Instead of this, place less competitive keywords like affordable phones or new phones for your website. Try to select the keywords with three letters only. It is the best part of a powerful SEO campaign to generate revenue passively. The long-tail keyword has high conversation potential and brings readers to your website quickly.

Customer-friendly keywords

Select the keyword that people are waiting for. When you use these words, it doesn’t mean that people will get attracted to this and buy it immediately. It will make people land on your page. The website will rank at the top with the best SEO campaign. One more thing that is what comes to your mind may not be beneficial for a digital media campaign. You think that people search for ‘best mobile phones.’ The reality is different as people will go for ‘best camera phone’ or ‘new models of mobile phones. Here various Google tools will help you solve your query. Use Google Keyword Planner for keywords.

High rated keywords

The main thing is how many people search for this keyword: the higher the search, the better your SEO campaign. But the problem lands here, making the popular keyword more competitive. Use the Google Keyword planner and check the rating of a keyword. Try to use less popular and less competitive keywords.

Keyword placement

After finding suitable keywords for your content, it’s time to place them in the right place. Keyword placement is one of the main factors for your successful SEO campaign. Back in 2010-12, the only keyword placement was necessary for a successful digital website. But now, in 2021, where Google is updating daily, the proper keyword placement is essential. The Google search engine algorithm analyzes the order of keyword placement and then ranks them accordingly. Its suitable place is in the title, Meta description, headings, sub-headings, URLs, and other content. If these are rightly placed, Google will make them noticeable for the audience and bring revenue for your site.

One important thing is keyword stuffing. Placing it randomly and abundantly in content makes it stuff and reduces the quality of content. The standard keyword density is 1% to 2%. Optimize the content according to this and follow a good SEO campaign.

Creation of an SEO optimized page title

Before starting the write-up, create the title of your page. The SEO campaign needs a problem-solving, optimized, simple, and SEO-friendly title. The current digital market needs an eye-catching title for a new website, so people get attracted to it and land on it quickly. You must include the main keyword in your title, but the title must be different from the other already available on Google. For example,’ weight loss foods for all age groups. If this title is not present on Google, you will get a green light for this. Just move forward. You can make it more interesting by adding words like ‘Ultimate,” best,” Step-by-Step,’ or ‘Easy steps,’ etc.

Creation of content

Here comes the detailed and central part of your page. Content creation is a fundamental part of a successful SEO campaign. The content should be simple, unique, and expressive. Read the content of most rated or top websites of the same topic and then analyze the gaps. See what people want and what things are not discussed in these contents. Try to write it in a better way with simple language. Even a child can read it easily. If your site is linked to machinery, tools, or devices, go for a comparison table. When you provide a comparison of different brands or tools, then people will love to read this. The audience will find multiple things at one point, which will bring a passive income to your site. Suppose you write about a procedure like ‘how to lose weight in one month’ or ‘how to eat crab food’ etc. Go for step by step guide. Provide complete instructions and also include images or videos.

One more thing is not to ignore the best content already available on Google or not underestimate it. Please include it in your content, too but do not rely on it only. It looks like burning candles at night, but actually, it is effortless. There are always chances for improvements, so include them in your content.

In-depth research

Nearly all topics or keywords have hundreds of pages competing for the top Google ranking in the current situation. The pillar pages include in-depth and primary content for your research. Organic research typically shows these pillar pages at the top of the list. Here note the thing that this is the requirement of the SEO campaign. It does not guarantee high ranking or selling of items, but it must make it attractive. The detailed content will help the readers to get a complete idea of the product or topic. Make the content simple, transparent, but full of information. At the top of the content, tell your audience about the features and main points of the content. Make bold letters or subheadings properly. Do not intermingle the main issues with other information. Also, do not write too long or too short content. Remember, every topic has its requirements that must be fulfilled in your content. It is not a thumb rule to write 4000 words for a particular topic. Go for detailed but comprehensive content creation.

Author’s information

In case of any brand or guidance, provide detailed contact of the author to answer queries if they find any. A good SEO campaign must have correct author information. It develops the trust of the audience and also satisfies them. As given above, health-related topics like weight loss foods or weight loss journey must need the contact details of experts. Everybody has different body and health issues, so one should contact a certified expert whenever he needs one. This type of content will need E-A-T tags for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Off-page SEO

The last thing that comes to mind is off-page SEO. It is the core value of a successful SEO campaign. It is about backlinks to other famous websites.

Add Backlinks 

Adding backlinks of authentic sources to your website is the need of the hour, and add cherries to the cake in your SEO campaign. The link must be from an exact reference, relevant, full of information, and the latest content. Take the organic backlinks easily from the most viewed posts or most shared posts as the Google algorithm has a unique attraction. There are Google tools available like the Backline Gap tool to compare for the competing websites. Check whose site links to you and what the gaps in their link-building strategies are. Try to overcome them easily or otherwise go for the alternative ones. Another most helpful way to link others with your website is to check a broken link. If you find it, go to the webmaster of a site and report it. Please provide a link to your website to them. This SEO campaign will help you get familiar in less time.

Go for blogging on others’ posts. It will bring fame to you and increase the audience for your website. Check the sites that update their content and backlinks weekly or monthly. Contact them and provide them with your content. Provide them e-blast so you will have a connection with multiple websites.

Provide visual help

Visual content is the most powerful help in social media and backlines. In the case of heath blogs, show an image of a smart man or take help of a man with his before and after appearance. It will attract the audience and develop their interest in this content. You can also use videos or small clips. The SEO campaign for a mobile phone website allows you to add close pictures of mobile phones, their processing units, and how they work. The audience will get a complete idea of their queries.

Monitor SEO results

The thing remains unsuccessful without analysis of its results. It is not a case that an SEO campaign is different for all topics. What you learn in one SEO campaign will help you in the next ones. You must have to analyze the results properly for future set-ups. It is the last step of your SEO campaign and must be done correctly.

Google provides you with different free or paid tools for monitoring the results of an SEO website. The most used ones are Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.

Monitoring organic traffic with Google Analytics

Monitoring organic traffic with Google Analytics

Organic traffic is the measure of the number of visitors to your website through organic research. Google Analytics will help you know that proper SEO factors have been followed through the set-up of the website. If it went up, it means your SEO campaign is rightly followed; otherwise, change your approach. The correct placement of keywords with explicit content has excellent chances of bringing the audience to your website. One thing you must understand is that the SEO campaign is not built just for yourself. It may take a night or a week to bring fruitful changes in it. Just make a thorough analysis and then make changes to your website.

Keyword ranking analysis 

The ranking of keywords you used in your content is as important as its placement in the content. Use Google Search Console for tracking it. It will give you a detailed overview of your keywords and how search engine traffic changes with time. It will also help you to determine the number of people visiting your site daily. This tool will also tell you the exact keywords that people are using to reach your website. So you can exclude the new keywords and bring the new ones within your content.

Checking the bounce rate

The bounce rate tells that how many people have visited your website but do not engage with it. They come to your site and do not find it helpful. It means your content needs improvements to engage the audience with your site. The high bounce rate needs improvements to fulfill visitors’ expectations.

Check the CTR (click-through rate)

It indicates the number of people who come to your website through the search page result. The 20% CTR tells that two people go to the website in 10 clicks. It means the usefulness of an SEO campaign by grabbing the attention of visitors.

Page loading speed

It is the critical factor in a beneficial SEO campaign. If your page loads slowly, it will take people away from your site to any other. People need fast results within a second, so try to improve it as early as possible.

Backlinks, site authority, and new domains

Backlink profile is pivotal in Google world. The latest SEO campaigns have a significant focus on backlinks than the previous ones. Even the authority of your site is based on the backlinks profile. When you get new backlinks from unique and top-rated domains, it means your SEO campaign is doing well. Another tool available for checking the page’s ranking is SEMrush’s Position Tracking tool. It allows a thorough comparison and analysis of your page with others. You will look at the gaps that are creating hindrances in your Google ranking. Just bring it up and improve SEO results.

Select a domain, keywords, and device on this tool. It will collect all necessary data for you from the specified engines. You will get new results, ranking, and position of the domain.

Rewriting the content

Now you have enough data about the pros and cons of your content. Just make a detailed analysis of the gaps and rewrite the content according to it. Use the keywords that people are frequently using and omit the unnecessary ones. It doesn’t mean that you should remove all other keywords. Just bring down their volume. Use Yoast SEO Premium to get helpful feedback as it is one of the best content analysis tools available to everyone. Make changes according to it. It will surely increase the readability and ranking of the text you are providing to your audience. The fresh and improved content will bring more people and allow them to read the content correctly.

Select the most powerful topic at the current time and promote it through an SEO campaign to Google ranking. Also, promote it on other social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

Remove Zombie Pages

Zombie pages are there on your site that are meaningless for you. They do not bring any traffic or sales for you. It is better to prune these pages from your site. The excellent SEO campaign allows you best prune the zombie pages and increases up to 90% Google ranking.

The time for a typical SEO campaign

A typical SEO campaign may take up to 12 months. But this is for a newbie or when you start from scratches. If you have a great experience running a website and launching a new one, you can easily do it in 3-6 months. Keep an eye on upcoming updates and do follow them correctly.

The wrap

It is all about the SEO campaign. These simple steps for an SEO campaign look like a tremendous burden on your head, but they are actually like walking in the park.

Do remember that SEO campaign never gets over and old. It is a continuous process of analyzing the success and bringing ongoing changes to your page. Digital media is continuously progressing. People always love innovations and ideas. To grow your website accordingly and effectively, use different Google tools available to you. These are the best parts of an SEO campaign. Competition is increasing day by day. Google is highly crowded and needs the unique appearance of high-rated websites.  Do follow the above steps properly to make your tasks easy.

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