Selling SEO Services To C-Suite- How To Convince Company Executives To Support SEO?

Selling SEO is critical for online success and should be the priority of an organization. However, C-suite executives of any company have various other efforts and stuff on their plate and are not interested to invest in SEO. According to them, SEO isn’t important enough to be a part of their marketing budget. This is because many CEOs and businesses are still unaware of the worth of SEO in the online landscape or misunderstand its purpose entirely.

Are Your company executives also uncomfortable with supporting and jumping into SEO?

Probably, you only get a puzzled or blank look in return when you Selling SEO services to them or mention the importance of some SEO component. It is usually easier said than done to convince your C-suite to prioritize SEO initiatives and assign a budget to them.

Hold on!

It’s your job to understand the ins and outs of content and technical SEO. 90% of executives only care about performance, revenue, and profits. So, it’s your responsibility to help them to understand how a solid SEO plan leads to an increase in their sales, traffic, customers, and therefore revenue. Then, your case may be taken seriously, and they get ready to value SEO to make success.

Here’s we comprehensively explain how you can convince your company executives to support SEO channels!

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To Initiate: Put Yourself In The Shoes Of C-Suite & Answer Their Questions:

Put Yourself in the Shoes of C-Suite & Answer Their Questions

Although it is frustrating to convince your boss that SEO services are worth investing in. However, their approval is essential to get all the resources you require to execute your SEO plan.

Therefore, sit back and think about what is important to them by putting yourself in C-Suite’s shoes. You know what SEO is, but you need to know what your company executives want to hear about SEO strategy and SEO services to say that “yes”.

Consider the ways and factors that motivate business executives to make decisions in your favor. Don’t generalize your behavior and deal with your CEO, CFO, CMO, and CIO respective to their work approach.

CEOs Questions:

CEOs are incredibly busy and don’t care about detail and tactics. They are not problem-solvers but decision-makers and are more concerned with results and creating a profitable business. They can ask you:

  • Why does our company invest in SEO channels vs. other marketing channels?
  • What are your KPIs?
  • What contribution SEO will make to the top line of our business?
  • Is SEO going to be profitable?
  • What are the benefits of SEO as compared to current strategies?
  • How will SEO tools help to boost brand positioning and revenue?
  • Can you show us proven results?

CIOs & CFOs Can Ask:

On the other hand, if you are going to deal with CIOs and CFOs, they focus more on the right use of money and cost reduction. Their questions include:

  • What will SEO operations cost us?
  • Is there an alternative option to obtain similar results at a reduced price?
  • What level of spending are you expecting to maximize RIO?
  • More questions about forecasting and budgeting

CMOS Will Ask:

with CMOs, SEO consultants should be centered around sales objectives. A CMO’s job is to make sure that the company’s message is successfully delivered to its target audience. They can ask you:

  • How does SEO bring more qualified leads to our business?
  • What does an SEO consultant or agency do to increase our brand exposure?
  • How will SEO strategies increase our organic traffic and search visibility?
  • What about overall demand generation and our competition?

Do your homework carefully and focus on the business objectives of your C-Suite (often spell by interviews, speeches, and analysts calls). It’s a good idea to show how your SEO plan going to help them to achieve their objectives.

Keep in mind, say the least if your C-level leaders show no interest and understanding in your SEO recommendations. You know that C-level buy-in is critical to running an effective SEO campaign.

Thus, don’t give up! Instead, give it another whirl to get a “yes” from each role within your C-suite leadership.

Educate Your Executives & Stakeholders:

While pitching SEO suites and tools to top executives, assume they don’t know how SEO marketing channels work. Therefore, it’s critical to educate them.

However, your top executives don’t have enough time to beat around the bush. So, keep your ideas high level and provide them with only the required details to resonate with the power of SEO.

Explain Your Boss About SEO: What SEO Is & What It’s Not:

Explain your Boss About SEO: What SEO is & What it’s Not

Sound no-brainer?

To begin with, determine the expertise level of your C-level executives. Some may know a bit about the SEO process, and some may know more details. Besides, the Keywords concept is entirely alien to others.

Explain from the very beginning and support your point with different examples. You can tell them:

  • What Keyword audience use to search your business online. Use analytics to help them understand what their target audience is searching for via search engines.
  • Demonstrate what happened against simple keyword research. Show your executives where do your website and your competitor’s site rank against that particular KW.

You can dive into more details such as metadata, page content, and tags if they appreciate technical details. Otherwise, stress more the importance of SEO and show them how SEO processes directly connect their prospective clients to the business. It’s better to use a different approach to tell the same story to your top executive leadership. Here are some tips for getting the message across:

  • Talk to your C-suite in a language they understand.
  • Keep your conversation high level.
  • Restrict or even avoid technical jargon.
  • Highlight how SEO being a powerful business development tool align your business with customer intent.
  • Focus more on the benefits and purposes of an SEO program.
  • Highlight the long-term impact of SEO strategies on your, search visibility, ranking, and business’s bottom line.

Furthermore, it’s great to use hard factors to make your points more considerable. For instance:

  • In 2021, 69% of marketers invested in SEO. (Source: )
  • On average, conversions rates are 10x higher on search as compared to social on desktops. (Source: GoDaddy 2016).
  • 50% of search queries are composed of 4 or more words. Excluding long-tail keywords can result in losing potential leads. (Source: Propecta 2017).

The Core Of Your Presentation: Why SEO Is Important For Business?

The core of Your Presentation: Why SEO is Important for Business

Moving forward, emphasize the importance of SEO to achieve the business goals of your company.

Sound easy?

Perhaps, it isn’t.

Perhaps, convincing the people at the C-level of the need for an SEO process or strategy is feel like scaling the mountains.

C-level executives don’t indeed care about “how of SEO” such as the number of keywords, canonical URLs, and more. They are only interested in the why and when of the SEO process.

  • Value, return on investment, profit, RIO, leads.
  • How long does it take to deliver tangible results?

Again, keep your SEO presentation and project at a high level for successful pitching. Besides, avoid to bogged down into minute details and tactics of your proposed SEO strategy as no one in top leadership is interested to know that process. However, you can relate SEO examples with other marketing channels such as offline and print marketing, paid search, and advertising to make your points considerable.

Moreover, list down the SEO benefits using bullets and make your case more persuasive using examples, testimonials, and success stories. Show them:

  • A company offering products or services similar to yours.
  • Real-life examples of those getting sustainable results through SEO optimization.
  • How does your competitor rank and get more customers by investing in SEO

Note: Selling SEO services does not inevitably means you’re going to implement all SEO work and plan by yourself. You may be interested to use the best Selling SEO agency or SEO consulting company to do the job for your business.

Go Crush Your Pitch- Breakout Proposed Plan Into 4 Segments:

By following the above-mentioned key points, you can convince anyone from your C-suite executives to support and value SEO marketing. Divide your proposed SEO project into 4 segments, each followed by a “what” and “why”.

1.    SEO Audit:

An SEO audit is critical to assess the current performance of your website. Discuss how you perform website audits to identify the performance of several sections of your site. Besides, discover the underlying issue that is impacting the site performance from both technical and content perspectives.

Moreover, you can highlight potential optimization prospects through an SEO audit process to make your site more SE-friendly and line up it with your marketing and business objectives.

2.    SEO Recommendations:

list out the improvements that need to be done and where and when

From the audit, list out the improvements that need to be done and where and when. Different organization has different Selling SEO needs. Being an SEO expert, you can review the audit reports and utilize your experience to determine the SEO tactic that will work best for your company.

Make sure to focus first on the SEO components that are important to implement in the first place and draw their overall impact on business. Talk about what recommendations are more important than others and support your case with proof and examples. You can address a series of questions here including:

  • What mix of SEO tactics and processes work best for this business?
  • Which SEO tool can deliver the best possible impact now?
  • Which recommendations needed to be implemented urgently and which can wait?
  • What ought to be your top organizational priority?
  • Do you have enough internal resources to implement proposed SEO suggestions?
  • Or do you need to hire an SEO consulting company to execute the SEO strategy?

3.    Implementation Of SEO Strategies & Recommendations:

Whether you keep your project internal or engage with an SEO firm, it’s essential to successfully implement the SEO tactics and recommendations to boost your site performance and get more organic traffic. By putting a little effort into understanding internal IT processes, you can customize the SEO recommendations to fit the team’s plan. It can be challenging to access a company’s internal resources and fit your recommendations to fit the organization’s schedule.

At Animus Webs, we focus more on website architecture and IT resources and put together our efforts to learn more about the ongoing marketing and IT procedures of your business. In that way, we possibly adapt the best SEO process and tactics for our SEO clients. Besides, we tie our SEO initiatives that fit best with your larger organization’s picture and deliver optimal results.

4.    Measurement Of Goals, Results, & Other Metrics:

Once you effectively implement SEO suggestions and procedures

Once you effectively implement SEO suggestions and procedures, make sure to keep an eagle eye on obtained results and other important metrics. Additionally, inform and keep updated your C-suite executives about your SEO efforts and their results.

Execute SEO methods timely and properly measure the organic search traffic, rank, landing pages, and other key metrics your top executives care most about.

Hare are some core metrics your C-suite is interested about:

  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)
  • Time to payback
  • Percentage of originated customers
  • Number of generated leads
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Conversion rate and traffic to the site
  • The average value of an organic session
  • Website engagement
  • Customer retention

Once again, keep in mind that top-level officers demand tangible results and real-time solutions. They will appreciate proven work only and ignore your vague ideas.

  • Be conscious of the goals and wisely invest in each level of SEO.
  • Present different scenarios to calculate the goals.
  • Have multiple options at your sleeve instead of an all-or-nothing approach.
  • Make use of industry research to estimate monetary value on higher ranking.

Pro Tip: Selling SEO demand your knowledge, time, and resources and not only budget. Use the word “free” with SEO as many times as you can while Selling SEO to C-suite to make your pitch successful. (Many SEO tools are in fact free).

Communication, Not Purposed Project Is The Key…

Communication, Not Purposed Project is the Key

Suppose you have complete command of the SEO industry and list out all the sections very well (or hire a good SEO agency to meet your SEO needs). But all your efforts are useless if you don’t know how to communicate. Concise and strong communication is the key to convincing the stakeholders at different levels of your company.

  • Understand your target audience and style your pitch accordingly
  • Use understandable language.
  • Be precise and stick to the point while communicating.
  • Stress on the outcomes (why and when of SEO) rather than the process (how of SEO).
  • Adopt a to-the-point and clear way to express your points.

Ensure to master the art of communication if you want to Selling SEO services!

Why Your Plan To Selling SEO To C-Suite Isn’t Working- 3 Possible Reasons:

  1. You fail to speak their languages.
  2. Focus more on vanity metrics and fail to demonstrate how your SEO tactics will improve the bottom line.
  3. You have not satisfactorily explained RIO.

Successfully Pitched SEO to Your C-Suite?

Great! Almost hit the green light!

What Next?

Now Your Goal Is….

Manage Expectations From Day 1:

Remember SEO is an ongoing commitment and takes time to deliver results

Remember SEO is an ongoing commitment and takes time to deliver results. Tell your C-level executives that SEO is an ongoing commitment and doesn’t involve magic bullets. When they invest in SEO projects, they’re entering it for the long haul.

Always set realistic expectations and be patient to reap long-term benefits. Besides, SEO solutions help you improve and maintain your top position.

Although social media channels deliver quick results, SEO results have an extended shelf life. SEO process doesn’t deliver results overnight. For some sites, SEO solutions take 3-12 months to deliver tangible results. Make sure your top leaders know this and don’t expect to see results within days or weeks. Besides, assist them to understand that’s the way SEO goes on and build your #1 position with time and consistency.

Moreover, you can complement the SEO process through other channels or tactics like paid searches, and social media advertising to attain short-term gains. However, SEO offers long-term profits and worth investment.

Constantly Measure & Trace SEO Performance:

Constantly Measure & Trace SEO Performance

Be ready on the spur of the moment to update your top executives about the SEO performance, key metrics (to the previous month), and how your SEO work is piling up. Show them how your SEO plan contrast with other marketing projects in the organization. Brief them about how SEO drives more leads, clients, and traffic than last month. Besides, address the following:

  • Where does our organization stand today?
  • Where do we want it to be?
  • How and when will we get there?

After noticing real-world outcomes, your C-level company executives stay up and take SEO initiatives seriously.

Wrapping Up:

C-suite executives have a short time and are not interested to understand your viewpoint in the first place. Being a proponent of SEO, make sure to comprehend your boss’s nerves and explain the importance of SEO using primary metrics, visuals, and real-life examples. The trick is brief them on how SEO initiatives will going to work to meet their organizational goals. Then, their approval will be unquestionably in your hands.

Last but not the least, never give up and keep selling SEO!

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