Links Building tricks for SEO, Be on First page now; the ultimate guide 2021

Before some time, Google and other searching sites always existed, your website was ranked based on keywords used in the content.

Our Ultimate guide of 2021, will guide you and elaborate best building link accurate way to rank your website on top. Some actionable tips backlinks to your website. To rank your site and be number one you have to know how to build the right links at the right rate.

Let’s dive into the deep sea of link Building:

Why Link Building is important for SEO:

What is link building? And how it works? All questions are clarifying, building links is a practice of one-way backlinks that are backed up by paid packages. In which the search engine of the website improves with visibility. Content marketing of SEO optimized is the most important link-building strategy.

You have to feed the backlinks to become on top. The prominent reason you have to know is that quality always beats the quantity in SEO.

Focuses more on the quality of the page allows you to come top on the page.

The new site of PageRank Algorithm changed the trick to rank your page. Google focuses more on a page where more people linked with that site.

How to build & find high-quality links:

To build high-quality links you must have to know the difference b/w good or bad links. With these differences, you can make such links that improve Google’s ranking.

Page Authority building link:

When you’re going to publish your links from High Authority pages, it impacts on higher ranking. You can call these authorities PageRank.

In that way, high-quality links are built up and the link becomes the no. 1 on top. Although you should know that Google doesn’t show PageRank authorities publically.

Proxy indicator (PageRank) can easily check out with Ahrefs. You can easily check the “URL Rating” on it.

How does site authority build your link?

Site authority is also use to determine the quality of the link. For instance, a link from a big website has a bigger impact on links as compared to small bloggers.

These sites links cost more and are difficult to get but well worth your effort.

Now, you can enter the URL from the site into Ahrefs and check the domain rating from it.

Why does site relevancy matters?

As site authority is important for link building, just like that site relevancy also matters in it.

Relevancy is a countable feature you have to do.

According to a Google blogger (Engineer):

Links Building

“A link from higher authority page always used to be valuable, today relevance of the site’s theme in yours regards, relevance is the new & innovative PageRank”.

Link positioning on the Page:

The link positioning is really important on the page.

Two types of questions were mostly asked:

  1. Is your link is presented in the form of content?
  2. Is the link is pasted on the footer?

As you know positioning is always matters, either it’s about physical business or online through websites. You have to be aware about links on the bottom and corners don’t attract the readers. It looks interesting in the middle of the content.

What is the purpose of link building?

Link Building’s main purpose is to be on the “First Page”. Every type of business in this advance century have their website. They want to rank it on top and therefore, “Link Building” matters.

3 Ultimate & best Link Building strategies:

You should be well aware of these three strategies at your fingertips. After testing many strategies these 3 are strategies made outclass backlinks:

1.    Resource Pages Link Building:

Resource pages are the links that create awesome content on a specific topic. The main reason behind these pages is linking out, pages made perfect link building. Following steps are use in this process:

Search Resource Pages:

Use all the search or find strings in Google. They are designed specially like:

“Keyword” + “helpful resources”

“Keyword” + “helpful resources”

“Keyword” + “useful resources”

“Keyword” + “Useful links”

Set the size of the Page:

Here you have to set the size of the page with the use of the link in the body of the page.

If you are using a link on the perfect size, you will surely get the best rating or domain from it. For instance, we grab your rating with the best linkage.

Best Content:

Focus on your content, you should have to write the best content in the world. This content has to fit on the resource page. Otherwise unknown errors and lower ratings occur.

So, you should have to be careful while choosing content and it sure fit the page of the topic.

2.    Broken Link Building:

Interesting and one of my favorite strategies is broken link building. A broken link-building strategy means adding value to someone’s site.

Little effort for repairing will lead your link building towards perfection.

Link Miner:

The app of link Miner is installed that is used to quickly find the broken links on the whole page. It finds out the errors and after recognition, you’ll easily repair them.

More Outbound Links in a page:

If more links are used on a single page then there are more chances of a broken link. Resource pages help you in finding them and get the best result.

E-mail the owner if there is any broken link:

Mail that person who is running the page with the broken links. Next, replace the content with your site. When you sent a professional mail, and fix the problem.

3.    Skyscraper Technique:

This technique is define in the best way in the given YouTube link. Hope you get that, remaining queries ask us in the comment section.

Additional Link Building Tips:

Here are some additional tips for link building that help you with quality link build-up.

Reclaim the lost links:

It’s not an easy task to build a high-quality link. You can easily lose them with or without your knowledge. If you notice that you lost the links just a few times ago you can reclaim them.

Reclaim the lost links is more beneficial and time-saving as compared to new links.

It might have many reasons behind the loss of links main fact is to reclaim it. It is the main benefit and win for you.

Promote the linkable assets:

The audience will surely link to content that resounds among them. Linkable assets are the second name content like in-detail blogs, tools, tutorials, and deserve links.

With the promotion of linkable assets, you letting know the people that content exists to strengthen the link building.

The paid promotions through social media and network ads also help you to present the content in front of many eyes.

Use the “Link Intersect” tool:

It’s the right saying, if someone links to your competitor, it means they’re surely like to link with you.


If that person links with more than one competitor then obviously they’re more likely to link you.

Here the link intersects tool helps you:

You just have to list down your best 2-3 competitors in intersect tool. And this tool shows you who links with all of them.

List of link targets use “Pre-Curated” strategy:

Find a high-quality link may be a quite difficult task. It might not sound good to you.

Besides it, someone has already pre-curated the high-quality sites that are very useful to you.

With the help of search strings, you can easily find the list of “Best blogs”.


Hope so, you’re getting it all about link building. Which strategy do you like most and want to implement? Moreover, any question will be surely answerable. Stay Connected with us.

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