How to Make Money with SEO in 2022- A Complete Guide to SEO

Get bored by sitting behind your job desk? Looking for alternative ways or a side hustle to earn money?

Learning SEO and making money with SEO is one of the best options for complementing your income or earning a living. Although you can start earning via several other options and businesses, no one can yield the ROI that SEO yields.

What about 50x or 1000x RIO (Return on Investment)?

Yes! Only SEO can do it for your business. All you need is to master the SEO skills and put the right elements into place. The sky is the limit when it comes to how much potential revenue you can get using your SEO skills. You can either run your own online business or provide your SEO services to other organizations to make money with SEO.

Never made a dime before?

What are you waiting for? Let’s start now!

In this article, we briefly discuss how to make money with SEO and list out all the ways you can use to earn money with SEO. Stick with us and keep reading to scale your business and grow your bottom line with SEO.

How to Make Money With SEO Business or Website

Today we’re here to learn about how to make money with SEO. We know that SEO is a rapidly evolving industry and predictable to be worth over $80 billion. Besides, SEO is critical for the survival and online success of every website. Today we’ll highlight how SEO practices have dramatically changed over time.

Back in 2012, many small websites and businesses adopt sketchy processes and simple SEO tweaks to get online success and make money with SEO.

The same stuff doesn’t do the job today!

In the current era, you need to be smart and follow modern SEO practices to earn money with SEO and mark your name in the online world. You may notice that many of those small sites have gone away. Because many big companies including Amazon become a part of the competition. Besides, the search engines become more sophisticated and changed their ranking algorithms in tune with what their searchers want.

That’s why you are here and want to learn how to make money online and how to use SEO for that. Even if you’re an SEO marketer, this post will add value to what you already know. So, stay with us!

Create A Website or Business that Fits Significant Criteria

To make money in the SEO industry, your first and foremost step should be creating or purchasing a new website or business that meets some specific criteria. You can also modify your existing website to match that important standard.

Generates a Comparatively High Amount of Gross Margin per Visitor

Create A Website

Certainly, you need a high gross margin for earning decent search visitors. As mentioned, things have completely changed in the last 10 years. Now you can not build your living with SEO using an approach “A visitor is worth of a penny or 10th of a penny to our site and that’s fine as we can compensate for it in bulk”.

Today, earning search visitors is the crux of the matter and demands more time and effort, especially for a new site or a startup SEO business.

Must find your target audience who search for things you are offering in the market. They search for a thing they want. Visit your website and act and you consequently make revenue. The actions can be:

  • Sing up for an email
  • Newsletter subscription
  • View Ads
  • purchase a physical product or digital service

Your earned revenue will be considerably more than the cost of your services, products, bill, taxes, and other expenses.

Stimulate Clients to Amplify Your Brand or Business

Stimulate Clients

Next, you need a specific percentage of your clients who amplify their experience, link to your products, and services and share your brand. Those happy clients say: “OMG This product is excellent. It comes from that place (your site name).”

Why do you need this amplification?

Obviously, to ensure your business’s survival and make your foundation strong in the online landscape. Not every client and visitor going to do that. However, many people stimulate to link you and as a result, amplify your brand via their online/offline word of mouth.

More people want to visit your website when they see about your brand or product on someone else social media or when their friends recommend them your product or website.

It’s 2022. You can’t go for spammy and manipulative SEO tactics to earn links and rank higher. Google’s Web Spam team get more sophisticated and removed and penalized 99% of such sketchy websites. Thus, ensure to have users who link to you and amplify your business and allow you to avail more opportunities.

Produce Branded demand instead of Generic Search Behavior

It’s critical to switch to branded search behavior over time.


To make a competitive advantage gradually! Otherwise, other brands recognize your search behavior, compete with you, and kick out you of business later or sooner.

A decade ago, things work ok with generic search behavior such as “I want this product”. A fine KW or phrase to target your audience in SEO.

Now people type in the search bar “ general product name plus particular brand names or website names” rather than a generic search phrase. Therefore, you must produce branded demand rather the generic one. When people particularly search for “your product name+ your brand” or “generic product keyword plus your site name”. Google is bound to land them on your site and never serve up random search results. In that way, you can protect your business and lock your clients and earn a competitive advantage over others.

Design an Exclusive Strategy & Create Search-Optimized Content

Found or create a site or business.

Great! What to do next?

Now, design a valuable prop and develop an identical SEO strategy that aligns with search engine ranking guidelines. Google become more sophisticated and ranks the sites that match searchers’ intent and serve them with solutions they want to seek against various keywords. Thus, to rank higher, resonate your strategy with the searcher’s intent and solve their problem.

Furthermore, produce search-optimized content that publications and searchers want to link to. In past, businesses use manipulative SEO techniques and acquire links to get ranked at the top in a way that searchers didn’t prefer. Google ranks your site anyway and you can gain profits for a day or two.

Not anymore!

Things have changed over time and those gaps are filled rapidly. Now, you just need to serve the searcher’s intent and provide them a reason to link to your content. Otherwise, forget to rank higher on top and earn money with SEO practices.

Assemble a Keyword Research List (users want to link to)

Assemble a Keyword Research List

Keyword research is a crucial part of any SEO process. To know searcher intent, make a keyword research list related to your topic and product. Various keyword research tools both free and paid are available on the web. you can type various keywords in the tool’s search bar.

For instance, I’m a techy person so I’ll type keywords like “best apple watch”, “apple watch series 7”, and a mix of other phrases and KWs.

Then you can compile a list of high-competition keywords related to your product or services including their:

  • Difficulty
  • Search Volume
  • CPC
  • CTR percentage
  • Others

Ask Yourself These Questions

By that time, you have a complete list of search terms, KWs, and phrases you’re going to target with your business. Now address the answers to the following questions for clear insights:

  • What is currently ranking on Google’s page one?

Check search results to see what is already ranking on Google’s top pages for your listed terms and keywords. It’s important to know about your competition first.

  • What can I create to be 10x better and rank on page 1?

You know your competition. Good! How do you take over the competition to bring a relatively higher gross margin to your site? Undeniably, you have to create stuff that is 10x better or more than what is already ranking. Come up with better solutions and outperform to earn a competitive advantage.

  • Who will amplify/link to what I created and why?

what I created and why

Know your target audience. In the early stages, you need amplification to perform well and survive on the web. Who will amplify or link to you and why?

Don’t produce the product or publish the content until you exactly know the answer to this question.

You can put whatever stuff you want on your site when you build your brand’s strength, high domain authority, and high search visibly SERPs. Wait until you reach there.

  • How will I fabricate a moat around my business that protects it from Google’s invasions?

Google launches its own stuff and systems such as Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Travel, and many others in the past few years. It takes plenty of opportunities from other businesses through that. That’s why make sure you don’t put yourself in a rivalry with Google and focus on branded search patterns to prevent your site from potential Google invasions.

Discover What Potential Customers Do Before Initiating Their Search (around your subjects)

Discover What Potential Customers

Final step! Find out what people do before they actually search for the search phrases and high-volume keywords around your topic or products.

Customers perform a money search before getting into the actual topic. What do they search and how do they go for that stuff?  Additionally, what do they search around the main subjects? They may want to learn before deciding what they want.

It’s straightforward! Make another keyword research list to capture customers’ buying cycle. Besides, create a new set of content to target those potential clients.

Exposure Keywords (Look for High-competition KWs)

Not all but many people go for exposure keywords, high-competition keywords, or money KWs. Well! They know what they want or looking for. However, they adopt an approach “I’m still learning and want to know more about the things I want”. Therefore, to be on success path and make money with SEO, make sure you serve the content of both worlds.

For example, An individual wants to try a prime rib recipe. Before he looks up “prime rib recipe”, he may search for “where to get prime rib?”, “how much prime rib per person”, or “prime rib vs ribeye”. The later ones are probably easier to rank than the first one (main searcher intent).

What Get You the Amplification (Influencer-targeted Content)

What Get You the Amplification

In the final part of our final step, find the link-like source, stuff, and content that can bring amplifications to you. It’s not like money keywords. Produce a piece of content that influence a specific group of people. It’s critical for your business’s success and to improve its bottom line.

Know and target the people who tweet about your content, and share it on their stories, FB posts, Insta highlights, and news feed. Talk about the topics that trigger a lot of people or even serve the ones who can link to them. This targeted content helps you to rank from low to a higher position as people are going to talk about your content. As a result, you build a strong foundation, rank higher, and get revenue (earn money with SEO!).

Various Ways to Make Money With SEO

Various Ways to Make Money With SEO

Typically, there are two main methods you can opt for to make money with SEO:

  • Sell SEO skills or SEO services to other businesses
  • Build a website and start your SEO business

Both methods have their particular ins and outs, but we recommend going with the second one as it is the best option to generate more revenue with SEO. However, SEO business is not a fast success path, you need to wait up to 6-12 months before you start making decent money.

In contrast, you walk through various industries such as eCommerce and real estate and gain more experience by selling your SEO services. If you know the art of finding SEO clients and selling, you can make money a lot faster.

Here is a compiled list of different ways you can use to make money with SEO:

  • Work with an SEO agency (we know you’re not coming here for that. However, it’s a decent starting point and gives you valuable skills and experience).
  • Become an SEO freelancer/ Sell SEO services on freelancing platforms
  • Create a website & start an SEO business
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Create a high-traffic blog
  • Build an eCommerce website & sell physical products
  • Sell digital products/services on your website
  • Setup a blog & earn from Advertising
  • Manage SEO campaigns for private clients
  • Dropshipping
  • Develop & Sell SEO tools
  • Sell online SEO courses
  • Offer SEO consulting services
  • Create SEO content
  • Rank and Rent
  • SEO white labeling
  • SEO entrepreneurship
  • Sell micro-SEO services

We’re not going to discuss how each of them works. You can give a whirl to each to find which works best for you. Or go with your desired one to make money with SEO and we guarantee you can earn more money with SEO than what you already made in your jobs.

To Conclude  

That’s all for today! SEO business is a valuable asset and not everyone’s cup of tea. If you learn to sell something that is in demand and how to achieve your realistic goals through the right SEO practices and strategic thinking, you can make $5000 per month or more money with SEO.

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you don’t have SEO skills, learn them or invest in an SEO company like Animus Webs to hit the online success by using their SEO skillset and experience.

See you again in our next post with another in-demand SEO topic. Until then, take care!

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