How to Choose a Good SEO Company for Your Business or Website?

Decided to invest in SEO consulting services or hire an SEO company for your business? Definitely a smart move for growing your website or business! With emerging technology, almost all businesses including small businesses, new startups, and medium to large-sized companies understand that their strong online presence is mandatory to be on the success path. However, choosing the right Good SEO Company is not as easy as it sounds, and choosing a good SEO consulting firm is even harder.

Suppose you type “SEO company” in the Google search bar, you will find a lot of companies offering all kinds of services. Now what? Are you going to rely on top lists?  Wait….

Some black-hat and sketchy SEO companies can even bankrupt their clients’ businesses (horrible!). In contrast, a good SEO optimization company helps websites audit is helpful if you haven’t done the research yourself you to:

  • Generate more traffic
  • Boost qualified leads
  • implement the strategic SEO marketing plan
  • Improve online presence
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • You can invest more time and effort into your business
  • Accelerate your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Much more

Hence, It is critical to learn “how to choose a good SEO company” or “SEO consultant for your website?”. In this guide, we come up with a comprehensive process and all tips & tricks to assist you to identify reputable SEO consultant agencies. Besides, you may learn how to avoid scam companies or artists.

Let’s explore the right ways to choose your next SEO partner!

How to Choose an SEO Company- Recommended Process:

You must follow a smart and logical way for choosing an SEO company for your business. If you adopt it the wrong way, it can lead to frustrating experiences and regret. However, the right way is worth your time, efforts, and money and ensures SEO campaign success.

Here are the factors & steps you should follow to identify the best SEO agency for your company, business, or website.

Define Your SEO Goals:

board, and team to figure out what you actually want to achieve

To begin with, sit down with your CEO, board, and team to figure out what you actually want to achieve through an SEO campaign and plan. List out a series of questions and write their answers. A few of them can be:

  • Why do you want to invest in SEO or an SEO company?
  • Do you want organically ranked Keywords?
  • What are your expectations from the SEO consulting agency?
  • How do you figure out success vs failure?

During this process, you laid out your criteria and come up with a list that clearly defines your goals. Your defined goals can be good or bad.

Good Goals:

  • Want to generate new sales and boost revenue via search engine optimization (sales driving channel).
  • Attempting to improve the sentiments for your brand by pushing the good reviews on top.
  • Aim to increase sign-ups, numbers of downloads, and free trials.
  • Trying to boost traffic by targeting specific groups who’re searching for a topic relevant to your site or product.

Bad Goals:

  • Want to generate more and more traffic (not a goal itself).
  • Utilize a particular KW or phrase to surpass your competitor. (It doesn’t drive revenue)
  • Ranking alone against something. (bad idea)
  • Vanity metrics such as want to improve the site’s domain authority or majestic trust flow via an SEO company.

Set Your Budget:

Once you list out some reasonable goals, define your budget. For instance, we can spend only $1000-$2000 per month on an SEO company. It’s one of the important criteria used for choosing an SEO marketing company. Your budget should be flexible as eCommerce and SEO marketing have a wide range of variables. So, a low-ball budget or choosing a cheap SEO consultant agency is not the right way to achieve your goals.

In search engine marketing, it is considered true that you get what you’re paying for. Therefore, make a couple of high-level projections to evaluate costs.

Gather a List of 3-5 Reputable SEO Companies:

Moving forward, compile a list of three to five reputable SEO consultant companies or consulting firms (our recommendation). If you can assess more, go for it. Then, collect all possible information and data, analyze their contracts, evaluate case studies, and dig up references for every SEO consultant company.

Do your homework thoroughly before signing a contract. It’s also a good idea to ask your friends or business network for a referral. Talk to people who have a successful experience with an SEO consultant service company. Besides, must review and follow the next steps for choosing a good SEO company.

Look at Their Past Performance:

Performance matter whether you’re considering the best SEO companies or other online businesses.

Performance matter whether you’re considering the best SEO companies or other online businesses. People access your testimonials, awards, reviews, and portfolio before hiring your services or purchasing a product. The same scenario goes for choosing an SEO agency.

Access the proven performance of SEO agencies and determine what they can deliver by evaluating what they have done. Once you are confident about their performance, you may get into consultation.

Research the companies and team ethics:

Ethics and integrity are other paramount factors to consider while choosing the right SEO company. Remember that SEO marketing companies are structured differently. Some are more active in the community while others focus more on givebacks. Or you want to collaborate with a consulting firm that offers a healthy work-life balance.

For instance, at Animus Webs, we assign an SEO consultant to each client having full command of your specific industry to avoid any confusion. Depending on your core values, you can connect or reach their leadership team or employee to know more about their ethics and backgrounds. The company you choose must have a team that fits perfectly with you and your brand.

Assess Testimonials & Reviews:

It is one of the best ways to find a reputable SEO agency

It is one of the best ways to find a reputable SEO agency. You can get unbiased opinions through their client’s and employees’ reviews. Besides, the testimonials are credibility builders and also act as a recommendation as they come from their past or current users who share their experience with that specific company.

Online reviews and testimonials give you a brief and clear picture of the insight happening in the SEO services company. Besides, you can reach out to their current or previous clients to know more about their services and experience.

Ask SEO Firms For The Case Studies & Portfolio:

When considering an SEO consulting company, look at their portfolio and case studies to know what they have done for their clients and what type of strategic implementation they follow to attain their user’s goals. Case studies are one of the best ways to learn the scope and type of strategy they follow and how they integrate SEO with other services.

Evaluate Pricing And Contract Structure:

all SEO marketing companies have their particular norms and structure

As we mentioned earlier, all SEO marketing companies have their particular norms and structure. Therefore, ensure how each firm charges for its SEO consultancy services. For instance, some companies charge you on hourly bases while others may lock you into a year or 6-month contract. A few examples of contract structures include:

  • 1-year contracts
  • Yearly contract with an auto-renewal clause
  • Month-to-month contracts
  • 6-month contracts with and without an auto-renewal clause
  • Ongoing contracts with a 90 day out

Always ask for the agency’s contract structure and fees in your initial conversation as they play a vital role in your final decision. You can ask:

  • What is the cost of your SEO services?
  • Do I need to pay month-to-month or for a certain length of time?
  • What type of contract structures do you offer?
  • How can I cancel services?

Contract structures act as a key component in the process of choosing a good SEO company. Therefore, compare the fee structure of multiple SEO consulting agencies to get the best deal for your business. Always invest in a company that offers a personalized experience at a competitive rate.

Schedule A Consultation & Ask Questions:

To finalize your decision, make sure to meet your potential top SEO companies. You can always ask for a consultation whether the company is located near you or overseas. It is recommended to have an in-person meeting with local SEO companies. However, virtual meetings via call, video conference, or the exchange of emails are considerable for international SEO companies located far away.

Moreover, a consultation helps you to determine if the company is the right match for your business or not. Besides, you can determine what experiences they have about your industry and whether their communication style is matchable with your team or not.

You can also ask different questions to get an obvious mindset while choosing the best SEO company. Some questions can be:

  • Do you have any experience in the business industry similar to us?
  • What are your core values and code of ethics?
  • How often do you need to communicate with us?
  • What is your reporting process?
  • When do I expect to have results?
  • Do we have access to our site and AdWords accounts?
  • What do you do when things go wrong?

Ask for A Website Audit:

website audit is helpful if you haven’t done the research yourself

A website audit is helpful if you haven’t done the research yourself. A good SEO agency analyzes the strength and weaknesses of your site and where it needs improvement during a website audit using premium tools.

At animus Webs, we offer a free website audit and share competitive research before your partner with our company. This will helps you determine whether we have a clear picture of your objective or not.

Select The SEO Service Company That Suits Your Need:

Although it is frustrating to learn how to choose the right SEO firm. However, take your time, utilize your collected data, and learned the process to find the best SEO company that has the caliber to take your business to the next level.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Choosing An SEO Company:

Mistakes are part of human processes. Every businessman or organization often makes mistakes when choosing a good SEO company. There are some most common and biggest red flags, you must know and avoid when finding the right SEO agency for your business.

Blindly Trusting The Google Filter:

Blindly Trusting the Google Filter

You may choose an SEO company or SEO consultant whose own website appears on the top.

Logically sensible!

However, it’s a red flag. You shouldn’t choose a company just because it is ranking on top against a handful of phrases or KWs.

Mostly what happened is, good SEO companies don’t need to rank higher as they are getting a constant influx of new clients due to their consistent service results and great work. Their satisfied customers refer them to their networks and keep them incredibly busy. Thus, they don’t bother to optimize their sits to get new clients.

In contrast, when you search for the best SEO plus city name like “best Houston SEO company” or any other phrase such as “good e-commerce SEO company”, you get junk results here and there. The highly-ranked companies invest thousands of bucks on their website. They usually don’t have clients and spend all their money and efforts to grab new clients and remain profitable. So be mindful and don’t jump to filtered lists.

Trusting “Top SEO” Lists:

Top lists are another honey trap. When folks search for “top SEO companies”, “Best SEO company in [city name], or “Best SEO consultants near me”, various listing companies put together the list of those companies who paid them. Besides, they rank them on the top of search engine results.

So, be conscious when you come across top listing sites such as “Top 10 (or any other number) SEO companies in your area”. Because they are not in the top 10 SEO firms. They actually have the budget to appear in the top lists.

Falling For Guarantees & Gimmicks:

SEO services don’t offer overnight success and immediate results

Although you want quick results, SEO services don’t offer overnight success and immediate results. In general, it takes 3-6 months for providing returns. So, never opt for low-quality SEO companies or black-hat SEO consultants who use their unethical selling points to rank you quickly. Because you’ll fall from page 1 more quickly.

These gimmicks and claims can be:

  • Overnight ranking on page one
  • Double traffic in a few months
  • Instant leads generation
  • They know the secret sauce of SEO (bad sign!)
  • Press release
  • X numbers of backlinks
  • blah, blah, blah…

Thus, be patient! Always consider an SEO marketing company that follows ethical practices and white-hat strategies to get realistic returns.

Selecting A Cheap SEO Agency:

As mentioned earlier, make a feasible budget while hiring SEO consultant services or agencies. Always set a realistic budget and don’t opt for ultra-low rate SEO firms as they use copy-paste approaches. Besides cheap SEO companies often underdeliver and give you an awful customer experience.

Browsing Local SEO Firms Only:

Many people prefer to work with local SEO companies

Many people prefer to work with local SEO companies. For instance, you live in San Diego and search “San Diego SEO company” or “best SEO companies near me. In these cases, you are limiting yourself to a specific area. Never limit yourself by distance or area when looking for a good SEO company.

If you find a local SEO company that is very good at their SEO service, nothing is like that. However, go out of your comfort zone and prioritize performance, and the client’s experience over the location to achieve your desired results.

Bonus Tips To Find Best SEO Agency….

Consider the following factors and tips along with our recommended how-to process while finding the best SEO companies for your business:

  • Customer services
  • Transparency & Reporting process
  • Communication standards
  • Evidence of past performance
  • Experience & specialization in your industry
  • Follow their social media accounts and read their blogs


Put together your time and efforts to find the right SEO company for your site or business. You need to be certain whether you are picking a small business SEO company or partnering with an international firm. Follow our tips and process to hire the best SEO services.

If you want to achieve your SEO marketing goals and online success by partnering with a trustworthy and white-hat SEO company, must contact Animus Webs SEO Marketing Agency.

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