How Animus Webs an SEO Agency Lands New Business & You Can Too?

If you’re an SEO agency, you’re in sales. You must know how to walk the talk and sell your products or SEO services to various clients and businesses.

With rapid internet growth, an array of industries including entertainment, automotive, ecommerce, finance, and other small to large businesses want to maintain their strong online presence. Here these businesses reach out to SEO agencies and seek their services.

If you want to target any of the above-mentioned industries, make sure to adopt a separate SEO strategy as each brand and business has its specific SEO needs. At Animus Webs digital marketing agency, we offer customized SEO solutions to our clients to meet their expectations.

Here, we list some proven ways and ideas your SEO firm can implement today to find potential SEO clients and land new businesses. Let’s dive in!

Win the Pitch- 4 Ways to Lock Down New Clients or Businesses

As you know, it is challenging to compete for new businesses in the SERPs. How do you market your SEO company and convince them to avail of your next-level SEO services?

Well, there’s no fixed formula but you can utilize our adaptable tracking solution to get started. It provides an authentic smorgasbord of SERP data day by day. Let’s explore just 4 ways we used to leverage the SERP data tool (STAT) and secure new SEO businesses.

1: Before Pitching: We Armed Ourselves with Intel

Before Pitching: We Armed Ourselves with Intel

Giving before you get is a key rule to winning over prospective clients and businesses. We walk into their online space and try to comprehend their core challenges, issues, and opportunities. You can say it’s walking into a pitch or armed with intel.

To understand their online search space, research all possible and applicable keywords and phrases. Then load these keys into the SERP data tool or STAT. Let these puppies run for a couple of days. Besides, you can track as many KWs as you want and whenever you want.

In that way, you can hit your soon-to-be clients with hard information on their site performance and online visibility in searches.  As a result, you make your case outdo and strong against competing SEO firms. Thusly, you can assist them with tailored SEO plans and strategies to achieve their marketing goals.

Sound Interesting? Right!

You can become an SEO wizard in a matter of days by walking into their pitch. Your prospective industries will know that your professional SEO agency can handle Google updates, SERPs releases, other underlying issues of their site, and a mix of other factors and magic critical to SEO success.

2: Manage & Track Data from Every Possible Perspective

As an SEO services agency, you’re vying to handle the site performance and visibility of multiple clients at the same time. All of them have particular SEO goals and needs. Besides, they may have various websites, work in different ventures, and aim to target ever-growing products and topics across the world.

As mentioned earlier, every forthcoming client expects to have a personalized SEO solution for their business or individual brand.

How do you probably develop and deliver individualized SEO suggestions for a prospect’s site?

The answer is hidden behind your ability and How you track and manage tons of data, segments, and keywords.

Get Our Mittens on more SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

Get Our Mittens on more SERPs

To begin with, we collect all possible data for every would-be client and research all keywords and compile a complete KWs list. We try to hit superior scope of insights by making an extended list of a passel of KWs. Searches are as unique as the people are and every KW returns you a single SERP. It’s like opting for a preview or the whole picture.

For Instance, suppose your potential client owns a shoe chain and has a physical store in every major city of the UK, and runs an online web store. Now, your task is to identify how their products are performing in most of the search results. Does “Women’s heels” [or every other iteration thence] return a different search engine result page in comparison to “heels for women”.

Next, make sure to execute an international SEO spy and play different variables including locations, languages, interests, and devices of the intended audience. By tracking pinpoint areas, you can get to know how the relevant businesses in your specific industry are performing worldwide or in various cities.

Moreover, you can join two or more keywords [Women’s heel + city name]. In this way, you can get more SERPs-worth of insight in no time.

Unlock Multiple Layers of Insights

Unlock Multiple Layers of Insights

Now, we have a suite of keywords that are lumped together. How do you comprehend what these keywords are telling you?

Sound difficult or even impossible to make these fundamentals sensible?

It’s not the case, though!

Here segmentation plays a key role and helps you to produce manageable data views. You can use a SERP data tool for slicing and dicing your passel of keywords and divide them into various tags or labels (segments). You can get deep and targeted insight through these data views.

Furthermore, you can create tags or segments in the way you like such as by location, device, or search intent, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Considering our above example, you can track shoe keywords [men’s shoes in London] against [men’s shoes in another city]. Thus, you can tell your eventual client which city appears more on the SERPs or how you can improve their presence in target locations.

Along these lines, once you track all important locations with tags, you can also segment SERPs features such as videos, infographics, and snippets. As a result, you can discover more opportunities and where they lie on any SERP.

You need to avoid the “we’ll boost your ranking approach” and center the pitch more on the ways you can list them above. Once you partner with your prospect, you can prove your local pack’s success to them.

3: Put a tail on the Competitor Sites

Put a tail on the Competitor Sites

Monitoring your prospect’s site is a certain thing. However, keeping an eagle eye and observing their competitor’s site simultaneously will undeniably give you a competitive edge over the other SEO agencies.

We utilize an automated website sync option to track the competitor sites of our clients. Just plunk in their URLs and track against the client’s KWs. If you already have segments, you can exactly know how their keywords stack up in each tag.

The SERP tool itself calculates and determines the percentage of your prospect’s competitor on the SERPs by taking their ranking position and search volume of different keywords.

By knowing all the ins and outs of every competition in the industry such as who is appearing in the top 10 search results. You offer them more exhaustive insights into where they better fit in their respective digital marketing landscape. Besides, you also disclose new success opportunities they can step in. Consequently, they will prefer to choose your SEO marketing agency over the others.

4: Think Big While Respecting Our Client’s Budget

Last but not the least, pricing is a critical factor when you want to land new businesses and lock in more clients. It is an important factor in surpassing the other competing marketing agencies. You must collect and crunch your would-be client data without breaking their bank. You can uncover a large number of possibilities for businesses at an affordable rate.

People and businesses prefer affordable SEO agencies and compare the pricing structure of multiple digital agencies to get the best deals for their business out there. Therefore, Animus Webs aims to offer flexible billing and deliver transparency with our SEO services magnificence.

Bonus Tips to Win & Retain New Clients

Bonus Tips to Win & Retain New Clients

Here are some more tips and tricks that will take your agency to the next level, and you’ll start earning a big figure in a short time. We guarantee you’ve not even tried some of them before. These include:

  • Offer them free SEO audit and trial.
  • Pitch your prospective clients using brilliant SEO proposal templates.
  • Make contacts by writing compelling blog posts about your SEO services.
  • Build trust via case studies, success stories, portfolios, and client testimonials.
  • Send monthly or weekly newsletters to those who are interested in SEO products.
  • Don’t over-promise or make stupid claims. Make sure you over-deliver and under-promise.
  • Use your blog to publish the latest updates and authentic information in the SEO industry to show your authority in the SEO field.
  • Offer more than just SEO consulting services.
  • Focus on the value of your marketing services. Prefer quality over quantity.
  • Use different marketing automation tools to nurture clients’ relationships with leads.
  • Collaborate with other SEO agencies, companies, firms, and SEO consultants.
  • Offer white-label SEO solutions and customizable reports to your soon-to-be-new patrons.
  • Be an opportunist SEO agency by identifying website issues faced by your potential clients.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, if you want to be a successful SEO agency, follow, and implement the above-mentioned ways and secrets that no one wants to reveal.

Now you are supposed to do only one thing to be a top-notch SEO agency: implement them.

Seems like a sky-high promise?

Just implement and see the results and magic yourselves as it’s certainly achievable.

Keep visiting the Animus Webs blog to get more updates about SEO agencies’ secrets and learn how to be successful in an SEO business!

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