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Do you want to build a strong digital foundation and get a higher ranking in search results? Well, you are not alone. Everyone aims for it when they professionally become a part of this competitive digital landscape. Technical SEO is the only way to go as it is all about crawling, rendering, indexing, ranking, and boosting the performance of your website. Our technical SEO agency “Animus Webs” knows all the technical SEO tricks, and ropes to maximize your organic visibility in the search engine’s search result that leads to more revenue.

So, you can make your vision a reality and grow your business by hiring our best technical SEO services. We don’t hesitate to use our knowledge and skills to improve your website’s health and make your presence more prevalent in search results. Let’s see how our technical SEO agency Animus Webs makes a difference in your business growth!

Why You Need the Services of a Technical SEO Agency?

Suppose you craft a perfect and well-designed website. All your content is also high-quality, unique, and relevant. But your site is still not generating the expected output and doesn’t appear in top search results. What’s the problem?

Possibly, it has some undiagnosed technical issues that negatively affect your ranking and can be detrimental to your brand. So, it is crucial to identify and fix these issues to make your website technically healthier and smooth-running. Here the technical SEO comes into play. Technical SEO is not only a checklist or an extra element of SEO. Instead, it is a matter of crux when it comes to your site ranking and performance.

Honestly speaking, these technical issues are not under your control. Even if you are not a non-techy person and have some technical knowledge, you still need to partner with a reputed technical SEO agency like Animus Webs to outrank your rivals in search visibility. Our technical SEO experts stay up-to-date with changing google ranking algorithms and factors and provide you best technical SEO solutions accordingly. Moreover, we make your site fully optimized for on-page technically SEO so search engines can understand that your website has high-value content and index your site more efficiently which leads to ultimately higher ranking and more tangible business benefits.

Thus, your little investment in hiring effective technical SEO services gives you added benefits and increased organic traffic over time.

Our Technical SEO Services

Our Technical SEO Services

Our technically SEO agency aims to fully optimize your website for all technical SEO factors and cover a wind range of technical SEO services including SEO audits, crawling, indexing, fixing broken links, optimizing page load speed, sitemaps, and many more.

We start with an SEO audit to identify the major issues that negatively impact your site’s ranking in search engines. Then we go to further technical factors that can improve your site’s performance and help you to enhance your user experience. Let’s check out the various technical services we are offering to our clients:

Technical SEO Audit & Analysis

Technical SEO Audit & Analysis

First and foremost, we offer technical SEO audit services. We execute a comprehensive technical SEO audit checklist to diagnose and fix all your site’s technical problems that holding back your website.

Our technical experts use the best technical SEO audit tools and review your website under various technical SEO frameworks and 300+ checkpoints. Then we use the technical SEO audit report and analysis results to develop the best short-term and long-term solutions for your site. Our actionable list improves your google ranking and overall conversion rate.

Competitor Analysis

Our technical SEO specialists evaluate your competitor’s SEO tactics, ranking, keyword performance, organic traffic, backlink, and technical profile. This evaluation allows us to identify the ranking and conversion opportunities for your site.

Besides, we create unbeatable technical SEO strategies for your site that allow you to outshine each technical edge and nudge over your competitors in the digital landscape.

Site Speed & Performance Optimization

Site Speed & Performance Optimization

The speed of your site impacts your site’s performance, ranking, and user experience. Users and search engine bots don’t like slow websites. Our technical SEO agency helps you to optimize your site by compressing files, utilizing CDNs, minimizing redirect, leveraging cache, and improving the response time of the server. Quick load times lead to overall better performance.

Mobile Optimization (Mobile SEO)

Nowadays, most people visit your website using their smartphones. According to Google, a 1-seconds delay of time in mobile page loading drops your conversion rate up to 20% and decreases user satisfaction up to 16% and increases bounce rate up to 11%.

So, it is crucial to enhance your mobile user experience. We optimize your website for mobile users and make it compatible with each screen size. Besides, we also adopt AMP to maximize your mobile page load speed. In the end, your user gets satisfactory interaction with your site and will come back to it more often.

Metadata Analysis

Metadata describes your page content and helps you to increase your search visibility and organic traffic. We analyze and optimize your WordPress and any other CMS for metadata including title tags, robots tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and meta description. In this way, we boost the SEO performance of your site and prevent the use of misleading metadata.

Image Optimization

Heavy images slow down page load speed and translate to more bounce rate. Our team use image sitemaps, the right file format, and the best image compression techniques to make your site smoother and fast. Besides, we expand image optimization plugins to enhance user experience.

Website Architecture & Structure Review

The taxonomy (information architecture) of your site is crucial in gaining successful organic traffic. Similarly, a healthy and organized structure optimizes your site for web crawlers and users.

At Animus Webs, our SEO expert team helps you to improve your taxonomy and structure.

Google Search Console (Crawling)

Google Search Console (Crawling)

Google Console is a fundamental technical SEO tool to determine your site performance. We use it to identify your crawling errors and analysis and other technical aspects. So, we can provide the best technical SEO solution that improves your site’s performance and search visibility.

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Google introduces an important set of metrics Known as core web vitals. CWV encapsulate which technical SEO factors affect the crawling phase and how Google ranks your site. Our technical SEO agency optimizes your site with CWV that leads to increase ROI and top ranking.

Migrate Your Site to HTTPS Protocol (Website Migration)

It is important to migrate on a secure protocol (HTTPS) as it has an impact on your ranking. But migration is a delicate process, and a single gaffe can cause to loss of valuable traffic.

Our technical SEO specialist develops a robust plan and follows the best technical SEO practices to migrate your site to a new domain or HTTPS protocol. We carefully map all URLs to a new domain from an older one, manage 404 errors, validate all internal links, and examine ranking and traffic. Besides, benchmarking analytical performance and eliminating thin content are also involved in our migration process.

URL Structure

URL structure impacts your ranking as it tells search engines where and how to retrieve a resource. We follow best practices to design the SEO-friendly URL structure of your website that helps search engines in their crawling and ranking process.

Sitemap Submission

Sitemap Submission

Sitemaps help search engines to identify and crawl the most important pages of your site. We optimize your XML and HTML sitemaps and submit them to Google. So, your site gets effective indexing and a higher ranking.

Optimize Robots.txt File

Any misconfiguration in your robots.txt can initiate serious SEO issues that badly impact your traffic and ranking. Therefore, checking, optimizing, and validating robots.txt files is a critical part of our technical SEO services.

Fix Any Duplicate or Thin Content

We also identify and fix the thin and duplicate content of your site using various technical SEO tools and tricks so it can not harm your site’s performance and ranking.

Fix Broken Internal & Outbound Links

Our experts perform an SEO technical audit to discover all the broken inbound and internal links that may be a roadblock in your success. We fix them and boost your site’s performance.

Structured Data Markup

Schema markup allows search engine spiders to better understand your content, crawl all pages, and index effectively. Our SEO team highlights your site’s elements, adds structured data markup and rich snippets to make your site more attractive and informative.

Moreover, our technical SEO professionals test schema markup, diagnose and fix any potential issues by using structured data testing tool from Google.

JavaScript Optimization

JavaScript is a crucial element to add dynamism and engagement to your website and also impact SEO results. Besides, it significantly affects the user experience. Therefore, we optimize and organize JavaScript in a way that positively impacts your SEO performance and user interactions.

On-Site Optimization

Technical SEO involves plenty of tiny improvements that lead to big results in a long run. In, on-page technical SEO, we optimize various elements such as graphics, content, silo content, design, and IP addresses to boost your ranking in search results.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the blueprint of our SEO strategy. On-page SEO covers the understanding of modern trend and users behavior and make use of related keywords in your site’s content. Our SEO experts study your niche thoroughly and identify your keyword ranking by technical audit. Then we optimize your site by using high-performing search terms.

Backlink Analysis

Our team analyzes your backlinks to ensure that you acquire links from high-authority and reliable sites. We also determine the social media magnitude and referring domains of the linking pages. So, you may get a better understanding of your site’s authority and ranking opportunities.

Penalty Recovery

Google panelized your site if it detects any technical issues and duplicate contents in your site. Our SEO experts help you recover from any penalty. We use the Google search console to determine the penalty type which badly impacts your website. Besides, we ensure to resolve all related issues and evaluate your off-page SEO strategies and redirects.

Check Canonical Tags

Canonical link tags allow you to nominate your primary pages and eliminate duplication issues. We also check and validate the use of canonical tags inside your website.

International SEO

International SEO efforts are compulsory to optimize any international site. So, your search engine can identify which language and country they need to display. Our technical SEO company optimizes multilingual and multiregional implementations. Moreover, we also maintain and monitor hreflang implementations.

Animus Webs Is Your Best Technical SEO Agency

We are a customer-oriented technical SEO company. Our main goal is to be your helping hand in your efforts to make your business a great success. Our technical SEO specialists are always up to provide you best and affordable solutions that match your exact needs. Let’s see how it feels to work with our technical SEO agency.

Animus Webs Is Your Best Technical SEO Agency

Why Work with Animus Webs?

Animus Webs works differently and gives its customers a terrific and modest experience. We utilize all our technical SEO skills and efforts to help you to achieve your desired performance and make you more prominent in search visibility. You should choose us among other technical SEO agencies because we offer you honest and quick solutions to your problem.

Let’s look at the more obvious benefits, you get by partnering with our technical SEO agency!

In-depth Site Audits

Different variables work simultaneously to define your website performance. We perform a comprehensive SEO technical audit to identify and analyze your competition, technical profile, CRO, and site performance.

In this way, we develop a comprehensive technical SEO checklist, data-driven SEO solutions, and research-oriented business decisions.

Experienced & Professionally Trained SEO Specialist Team

Experienced & Professionally Trained SEO Specialist Team

At Animus Webs, we hire a team of technical SEO specialists and experts who know every work ropes of technical SEO. They maintain up-to-date knowledge of SEO trends and ranking algorithms to plan and execute the best technical SEO recommendations that give you 100% results.

Moreover, our technical SEO team follows high-standard business ethics and serves you in the best way with the best technical SEO deals.

Full-Service SEO Solutions

Our technical SEO agency facilitates you with result-driven SEO solutions that make your site appealing for humans and bots, maximize load speed and optimize all your content. Besides, we ensure that your site is future-proof with our SEO solutions.

We offer our SEO services for local and small businesses, eCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, and other franchises.

Goal-oriented  & Strong SEO Strategies

Goal-oriented & Strong SEO Strategies

We determine and analyze your website performance status, objectives, and expectations at the very begging. In this way, we develop strong and result-oriented technical SEO strategies to increase your site traffic and leads. We put our all efforts together to hit your desired goal.

At Animus Webs, our expert team follows technical SEO best practices and aligns our tactics with your objective.  We cover each aspect from technical SEO basics to advanced technical SEO strategies to boost your revenue and obtain exact results.

Analytics and Reporting

At our technical SEO agency, we update you with all your online activities and allow you to keep track of your SEO campaigns. In this way, you can analyze how close you are to your desired results. We offer you regular consultations. Besides we send you to email updates and monthly performance reports. So, you can be aware of your weaknesses, strengths, and success opportunities.

Transparency and trust on each stage

At Animus Webs, we believe in mutual communication from the very beginning of the project. We believe in making long-term relationships with our clients based on honesty, trust, understanding, and open communication.

As an experienced technical SEO agency, we don’t cut any corners and provide you with unbiased services that generate transparency and lucrative outcomes.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

Animus Webs have a solid track record of working with many famous businesses with positive results and a growing portfolio. We make our technical SEO agency a credible and convenient option in a short time.

Our expert team takes the SEO hassle off your shoulder and sensibly handles all the industry challenges. We improve the digital appearance of many sites by fixing their issues and implementing advanced technical SEO strategies.

Free Consultation

Last but not the least, we care for our customers and offer them a comprehensive VIP experience. You can get a free consultation from our technical SEO consultants. They give you an honest insight into your site and offer you impartial and affordable technical SEO plans without giving over expectations that help you to achieve your objectives.

You can approach our technical SEO consultant 24/7 according to your comfort and ease.

Final Words

Finally, hiring our technical Search Engine Optimization services means no more technical SEO issues will hinder your organic search visibility and site performance. So, partner with our technical SEO agency “Animus Webs” and attain log-term and tangible business growth and boost your online presence.

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